Prisoners of Rock and Roll is a bi-weekly podcast about music, the people who make it, and the almighty, ever-lasting power it has over all of us. We bring you a new episode every two weeks, and no topic is off limits. We've covered everything from Anthrax to Frank Sinatra, the history of the blues to the history of punk, and from Johnny Cash to the Joshua Tree. 

We also play clips, discuss music news, and sentence a song every week to The Electric Chair for being terrible. Check us out -- you might learn something! 

Our show is sponsored by McCusker's Tavern at 17th and Shunk Streets in Philadelphia as well as Boldfoot Socks, and we are proud members of the Pantheon Podcast Network

The Guys Behind the Mic

Bruce Kramer

Bruce was a manager of a music store from the mid 90s to early 2000s, so he got to witness to end of grunge and rise of nu-metal first hand. Beyond that, the closest he ever got to being in the music industry was interviewing with Warner Records and failing to get the job. 

He's seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 20 times and thinks seeing The Boss live is like going to a concert, church, and school all at the same time. 

Ryan McCusker

Ryan is a hippie and metal head rolled up into one package. He's seen Phish more times than he can count and did a shot of Jagermeister with Kerry King back stage at a Slayer concert. He loves doing episodes that talk about the unsung heroes of music, like the Funk Brothers from Motown Records. 

When he isn't behind the mic at Prisoners of Rock an Roll, he's behind the bar at McCusker's Tavern or behind the drums for High Street Records.