Season 4

77 - Jim Morrison: Brilliant or Buffoon?

The Doors were one of the most influential and iconic bands of the 1960s, and at the front of it all was their charismatic, volatile, and enigmatic lead singer Jim Morrison. There’s no doubt that he was the embodiment of the whole sex, drugs, and rock and roll thing. The good looking frontman who helped forge his legacy by dying young. 

But was Jim Morrison a brilliant visionary or a rock and roll buffoon? 

On one hand, he saw himself as the Lizard King. A poet and mystic who was influenced by his background in literature and film. 

On the other hand, Jim was also an erratic, self-indulgent showman. A hardcore alcoholic who clashed with his parents, his bandmates, and most famously, the police. 

78 - The Music of 1994

Get ready to climb into the musical memory machine and take a trip back to 1994 as we revisit the music that came out 30 years ago. 

It was a year that defined our generation when Kurt Cobain took his own life. We got important albums like Purple from Stone Temple Pilots, Superunknown by Soundgarden, Sixteen Stone from Bush, Jar of Flies from Alice in Chains, Throwing Copper from Live, and Vitology from Pearl Jam. REM tried to plug in with Monster while Nirvana went unplugged on MTV. Mariah Carey transformed into a Christmas character, while Green Day and Offspring pushed punk onto the radio. Hootie & Blowfish, the Dave Matthews Band, the Cranberries, and Blues Traveler all entered the scene and helped define the mid 90s alternative sound. Hip hop had a fresh year with albums from Nas, the Beastie Boys, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and a newcomer called Notorious B.I.G. 

Join the Prisoners of Rock and Roll as we break out our flannel shirts and take a look back at the music of 1994.

76 - Hot Rod Radio! Songs About Cars

Rock and roll and cars are a classic combination. In fact, the very first rock and roll song, Rocket 88, was about a car. In this episode, we're reving our engines and hitting the open road to explore music about cars. It's an episode fueled by the spirit of adventure, the love of the open road, and the unmistakable sound of rock and roll. Tune in and let's take a musical journey that'll make you want to hit the gas and never look back! Let’s get our kicks on Route 66.